Case Study – above and beyond service charge accounts

by | Jul 16, 2021 | News

MJP Accountants work with a variety of property owners and managing agents and below we hear from one of our clients on how we have helped them manage the financial aspects of their property portfolio.

Client Name

18 Bina Gardens Limited

Business Type                 

Management Company for 18 Bina Gardens, a block of 6 flats in Central London.

When did you start working with MJP?

MJP has acted as our independent accountant since 2014 but first started working directly with us early in 2020 when the management of the property transferred to a new managing agent.

Why did you start using MJP?

Our managing agents at that time appointed MJP to be our accountants. Although we have since moved managing agents a couple of times, we have retained MJP as our accountants because we have always been satisfied with the quality of their work.

What services do you use from MJP?

MJP carry out a variety of services for us including the preparation and certifying of the service charge accounts, verifying the service charge expenditure as reported by the managing agents and carrying out all the necessary Company Secretarial duties for filing micro-entity accounts and Confirmation Statements with Companies House.

How have you benefited from MJP’s services?

In addition to the compliance aspects which we need to undertake, over the years our professional relationship with MJP has developed and we have now come to rely on John as a sounding board for various issues.   His knowledge and understanding of the property sector have played a major part in helping us to overcome several issues which we have been faced with over the years.

It is also great to work with an accountancy firm who are more than happy to work with our self-appointed property managers.  It also ensures a continuity in our financial records, even if we change managing agents, for whatever reason.

John and the team at MJP ensure all the accounting and financial information is processed, checked and reviewed for accuracy before it is submitted to the Board of Directors for approval and before filing at Companies House.

As a result, we have the peace of mind that everything is in order and will remain so due to John and his team’s thorough way of working.

What are MJP’s greatest strengths?

MJP are very competent accountants who go the extra mile to provide a personal, professional service to their clients. We have found them to be an excellent sounding board when discussing any problems that arise. Regardless of any issues which have cropped up over the years, John is always very calm and level-headed, being able to detach himself from the issue when required in order to give the best advice.

On a more practical level, MJP are very efficient and turn the accounts around in a short space of time.  As a bonus, John is tech savvy and can always find the relevant documents we need, which is helpful and time saving for us.

We have benefited greatly from John and his team’s dedication and expertise over the years and look forward to continuing to do so in the future.

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